The Miracle of Parenting: Come discover the ancient wisdom of parenting
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Miracle of Parenting: Introduction

The 28-Hour series follows each line of the ancient Hebrew guide to Jewish pedagogy, Planting and Building: To Raise a Jewish Child.  Originally translated into English by Rabbi Kelemen, here each word is explicated and illustrated. In this 28-Hour series Rabbi Kelemen reveals an ancient system for Discipline without Yelling and Hitting, Preventing Tantrums, Managing Bedtime, and Bringing Forth Your Child’s Individuality and Excellence.

It's not about Tricks
You can Start Now
You are the Best source of insight

Great parenting and great teaching only requires great parents and teachers – people who are themselves great human beings.  Improving your own character is more important than mastering particular techniques.

Becoming a great parent and/or teacher is a task that begins long before children arrive and is conducted in their absence as much as their presence.  It’s the all-consuming process of heroic self-improvement – privately firing up your own soul and then passing that flame to your children.

You can learn what educational techniques work best by experimenting on yourself.  By learning how to bring forth your own potential, you become an expert at helping your children and/or students do the same.